Based in the Loire Valley of France, PLS is a young company based on traditional values.

PLS Saddles are one of the few brands that are still 100% French, from start to finish.  Our leather is French, our saddle trees are French, and we partner exclusively with French workshops. We strive to use the best materials, the finest craftsmen, and the most advanced understanding of the biomechanics of horses and riders when creating our products.

Before founding PLS saddles, our designer Pierrick Lefranc had over 15 years of experience working for top French saddle manufacturers. His vision was to create a brand that married traditional French savoir faire with modern design in order to meet the most demanding technical specifications. His philosophy is that saddles should be well-made, well-balanced, and comfortable for both the horse and rider.

Our team of experts do more than know the products we sell. Because each of our saddles is custom manufactured for each individual client, our representatives are also saddle fitters, making sure all the right measurements are taken to ensure an optimal fit. No challenge is too great: if you have a horse that is difficult to fit, we will find an ideal solution at no additional cost to the you, even if that means creating a custom tree. We are completely committed to being able to build a perfect saddle for any horse and any rider.

Our trees are made of laminated beech wood with steel reinforcements. They are supple and strong and flex with your horse’s movement. All of our leather is full grain and vegetable tanned except for the billet straps, which are traditionally (chrome) tanned for increased durability.

Our exclusive Softform panels are unlike any others on the market. We use a core of the highest quality soft polyeurethane foam, and cover it in natural wool felt. This way the panels have the elasticity and versatility of foam while retaining the breathability, lightness, and softness of traditional wool flocking. Softform panels will never become hard and compacted like rolled wool panels, but will keep their elasticity for the life of the saddle. This translates into more a comfortable horse with increased freedom of movement through the shoulders.

Our saddle designs are completely customizable as well. If you like a certain model but would prefer a monoflap version covered in premium calfskin, with bigger thigh blocks, and a deeper seat; consider it done. 

Most of our customizations are free of charge. Even our accessories can be made to measure if you have a special request.Our company is based on the traditional values of quality and customer service, both before and after your purchase. It is vital to us that our customers are 100% satisfied with their saddles. We believe that our customers are our greatest asset, and aim to create customer relationships for life.